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Why our past is always an anchor to the truth

March 25, 2021

We all have a history, a telltale of events, decisions, choices and actions that defines our essence in a wholesome nature. In its enterity our past anchors us in self truth and builds in us a perspective of how life can be in relation to the person we have become. I don’t believe in stochasm neither does the term coincidence strike a note in me, there is no such thing as the former. All that we are and will be is consequential to a carefully crafted plan that breeds ingenuity and resides in realms of infinite intelligence. We slowly become who we are through our daily thoughts and the cosmic habitforce which reinforces our line of thinking by concreting it to either the positive or negative river of life.

All that inspired negativity and resentment in our history was carefully planted there so that appreciation and grace can be sown in us when good finally reveals itself. Yes we have limited control of what happens to us but the creator in his generosity rooted in us the ability to master our thoughts and responses towards every phenomena, thus we choose how to respond in any situation.

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