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From the call to the Great Wall.

June 3, 2022
From the call to the Great Wall.

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it”

Paulo Coelho – The fifth mountain

Belief – We don’t have because we don’t dare ask the universe for it. Ok well, what do you mean Tindo?. Let’s set the scene; if you read my last article about how one magical call changed everything for me, I assume you already have an idea of where we are going, if not well…


Just kidding you can check it out here –

2016 I started my internship at Econet, I joined a small division within the company that later on metamorphosed into the green subsidiary of the group ( I won’t mention by name). As this was still a baby in the company, dearly loved by the chairman, we got the best treatment. Within two weeks of my internship, I got the chance to meet the CEO (who shares a surname with one South African minister). It might seem trivial but mind you, this kid, a month before was kicking dust in Nketa 9.

Man waiting for Tito


During my training I was sent to work with some senior interns 😂, well I mean those who had been there longer, such an amazing bunch they were. Sidestep: Nothing spreads faster than office gossip, as if we had a Julian Assange in the company, there was a leak on how the management was planning to send me to Zambia for some control room operations there. This was supposed to be good news but it just didn’t seem or sound fair, as there were people much more experienced, on top of it, this earned me a new nickname from the senior interns, they called me INTERNATIONAL. Lol, you read it right, “International“, so much for a nickname right😅. That became my official name for the rest of the internship.

When I look at it in retrospect, they probably where laughing at me but little did they realise the prophetic in their utterances.

Wise Tindo

Fast forward to January 2017, my first flight on Emirates

That moment, when I got the flight tickets, that clock tick was probably the single most important second of my life. Before that I had never been on a flight before, all I knew about flying was from my torrented Microsoft Flight Simulator. I spent approximately half my internship working out of the country, If you are from Zimbabwe you know just how much this means.

In September 2017, final year bells rang, it was now time to seal the BSc Honours. I went back to school, needless to mention, I had saved enough money to get a new phone (Huawei P9), laptop and pay my tuition, I was rather monied, well only for a short time. Back at school, I realised that I didn’t have enough to buy the tooling I needed for my final year project, and consequent to that I sold my beloved phone.

I have always been a person who jumps and hopes to grow wings mid-flight, unfortunately, this time around the wings didn’t grow and I spent my entire final year without a phone. Without any distractions, I managed to finish strong with a first-class BSc Honours In Computer Science.

I sold my phone to build that plank house 😂😂😂 zvimwe zvinhu so, unotoshaya kuti zvirikufamba sei.
Emmerson aitondinonokera apa, I had a flight to catch.

Haha, you thought that was the end neh, Nah relax, here comes the sugar part. Right after finishing my last exam, I decided to walk back to the computer lab just to bid farewell to my classmates, little did I know that by some divine grace, the acting departmental chair was looking for me (for the reason you have come to know, they couldn’t call me). The first question dude asked was “Hello Tinashe, do you have a passport?”, without context, I replied “yes sir, I have one”, he further explained that I had been selected as part of the top 10 ICT students in the country to undergo intense telecoms training in China. Damn bro!!!! how was this possible, I almost dropped a tear. Two weeks later, we flew to China.

Life might have been hard for me at that time but I am grateful for the support system I had when my dad knew that I was supposed to go to China. He scrambled the few bonds he got from his meagre civil servant salary to get me a travelling bag and a small ndori ndori, kambudzi / feature phone as it’s called in Ingrishi. My brother Blessing gave me a digital camera, and Tapfuma gave me 50 dollars. Yes, I couldn’t go shopping in Shenzhen like all the other guys but what this trip did for me is more than all I could have potentially bought.

To bring up the rear of this rant, it is imperative to say, life is not a solo ride, there are moments when you got it covered and there are some when you need people who will stand in your corner. I dared to dream, I dared to believe, I dared to ask the universe, and in all its might and glory it responded.

In their finite wisdom they called me international, but they didn't know. The heavens had better plans
Red dots are my travel timeline
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  • Cossam

    Epic story unfolding

    11:18 pm June 3, 2022
  • Fae

    Journey of a thousand miles ….reads excellently well. Thank you for the inspiration.

    1:01 am June 4, 2022
  • Stanley

    Incomplete story what of Slovenia, Boston and Borrowdale medical centre scare

    3:48 am June 4, 2022
  • Pamela Tari

    Good as always Mr International 🔥 your storytelling skills are top-tier

    9:08 am June 4, 2022
  • Ezra Kutsvaira

    Great Read Mr International !! You keep inspiring great minds

    10:55 am June 6, 2022
  • Lavender Zandile

    A beautiful story. Filled with so much hope. Looking forward to celebrating more of your wins.

    9:49 am June 10, 2022

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