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Harnessing my failure

July 16, 2022
Harnessing my failure

In a world of deceptive reality, it is relatively easy to be jinxed and conned into believing that some people are immune to failure. Every day we see an infinite set of individuals celebrating their wins, but rarely do we observe the converse; people sharing their losses/failures. Unless you are brilliant and lucky (0.1 % of humanity), it’s highly likely that you have had some lows in your life, situations that you never want to think or talk about. Contrary to modern thought, these are what made you the champ you are. Today’s article will be about these not-so-great moments in my life.

Where do I start? Oh my gosh, I could write an entire book about my Ls. I have failed, definitely, more than I won.

I failed:

  • More certification exams than I passed.
  • My first driver’s license exam
  • Every aptitude test I wrote
  • More job interviews than I passed (failed 27 and got 2)
  • A lot of my math exams.
  • Every SAT I wrote

The list above is in no way exhaustive, only picked those that could be interesting to my readers. Often times I get a lot of compliments, which I appreciate in every way, but beyond all that, it has been a struggle. I could go on and on about my apparent losses but it will be of no great benefit to you, the most important message I need to send through today is that it’s ok to fail, it’s ok to not have anything figured out.

Social media is all about instant gratification, you will see people winning everywhere but never forget that behind that post is a person with many scars. The modern world works by offering counterfeits to the truth. A lot of people looked at Hushpuppi and saw a millionaire, one who is living the dream, but behind that Instagram handle was a ruthless conman.

As you start your week, remain cognizant of the fact that you are trying your best, your best might not match anyone’s best but it’s your best, no one can take that away from you. Harness everything you don’t like about yourself and make it work for you. I know very well that I am a slow learner, logical things vex me a lot, so instead of sitting on my bum bums worrying about how bad I am, I try to put more effort into my craft. What often takes someone a week to learn, I need two or so.

This is not another self-help piece of bs on the internet but it’s a message from a perennial failure to another, if you relate and sometimes feel that your best is not good enough, do not quit, just hold on for one more day. You don’t win by conquering every day but by surviving each day as it comes.

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  • iamngoni

    thank you for the motivation 🙏

    3:38 am July 17, 2022 Reply
  • Maire G

    Wow l loved reading this, so inspiring.

    8:49 pm August 24, 2022 Reply
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